So with the heavy winds that were hitting all day and into the night where I live and work yesterday, I asked the Lord what this mean. He then began connecting different events that have occurred to me recently and gave me this word…heavy winds of change.

There is are heavy winds of change coming. It will come in 4 different parts (and may occur over the year time frame, but don’t quote me on that). Some will look at these changes like the stages of grief, but instead of 7 there will be 4.

1. Missed opportunities will come in for you to be able to grasp onto and claim something that you lost the first go around.
2. Plans and events will be cancelled due to the second round of change.
3. Purification will occur during the 3rd round.
4. And finally restoration will occur during the final round. Things that you thought to be impossible to occur will manifest during this time. Apologies will come to my people from those who have hurt you.

I look forward to hearing stories and testimonies from this.

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