Of all the symbolisms and imagery in the dreams, one of the symbols that have been a major one for me is my mother. As with anything in a dream, you must always take the context, actions, and what is spoken into thought.

Your mother at some point will appear in your dreams, but she may not necessarily be her literally. For me, the majority of the time she appears she is actually symbolic of Holy Spirit. Since God the Father can many times appear as your Father in a dream (again context, but that will come with a later blog), and generally has the final word in a dream of what is being said. Holy Spirit appearing generally appears as being the caring, nurturing mother, motherly figure, or spiritual mother. At times, she is there carrying a message from God the Father on what needs to be done.

Since Holy Spirit is also our teacher, she can also appear as a female teacher in a dream. If you find yourself in a classroom or school setting with a female teacher, again, what she is saying and acting needs to be taken in account.

If your mother appears in a dream, but she doesn’t match up with the mom you were raised by or your mother has passed on from this realm. This could indicate that it is Holy Spirit or it could be a motherly figure that is currently in your life. Context is everything.

If your mother has passed on from this realm and she appears in a dream to you. You need to take in account what is going on in the dream. While she could be Holy Spirit, since she has passed, this could be part of a parallel in your dream showing you something that has to do with your past that needs to be looked at in order to help you grow.

As I’ve said before on my podcast, everything in a dream has meaning and nothing is by chance, but we are not to look at things with a microscope if things aren’t focused on. For instance, if your mother is in a dream, but she is more in the background of things and not part of the primary picture. This could indicate that it’s either Holy Spirit/God being there with you or it could simply mean that your family is in your midst amongst what’s going on in your life; especially if much of your family appears in the background too.

There are countless scenarios of how your mother could appear in your dream, but I hope this blog did open your eyes and help you make a little sense of previous ones you’ve had. If you need help with a dream or dreams, feel free to go to here and request a free 15 minute consultation with me. I also offer a dream interpretation mentorship for those who regularly have dreams and are interested in learning how to interpret them yourself. I help you break apart your dreams to show you what different symbolisms mean in the proper context to see what the Father wants to show you. The mentorship is found here and spots are very limited, so grab it while it’s available. Be sure to subscribe to this blog, because I put our regular blogs on various topics.

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