In a dream I had in April 2018, I was walking north on a road and after being completely blown off by someone of authority, I continued walking towards this building. This building turned into a jail as I got closer and then I began to literally walk through the walls of this jail. I had to release the person of authority from my heart a couple times or else I wasn’t able to continue through the walls. I continued walking through the walls of this jail until the end, which then I had to release some pride as well in order to get through the final wall.

In the case of this dream, the jail is symbolic of people’s limiting mindsets and, at times, even religious mindsets. This meaning that they only think something can be done one specific way, they hold onto past indiscretions, or they refuse to think outside the box. By knowing who you are in Christ, being confident in what He’s taught you and told you, and not allowing yourself to get stuck in limiting mindsets, you’ll be able to “walk” through people’s walls they have up; even if those walls are specifically up against you. Yes, you’ll be able to feel them, but if you have the right mindset and confidence, you’ll be able to get right through them. Now keep in mind, I never said anything about breaking them down yourself. That’s between them and God.

The road is symbolic of your life, as we walk down the road, we’re continuing our life; our path. Walking north means walking towards and in the direction of the Father (growing closer to Him). The person of authority could mean different things: Your boss, a church official, someone you look up to. By being blown off, we are given the opportunity to hold negative emotions/energy against them, but we are actually being tested during this time. Will we hold a grudge against them or will we just let the event pass by us, forgive them, and continue on? By us releasing them from within ourselves, we are actually releasing ourselves from a inner prison. This is why we are able to walk through the walls of the prison. Only we have the power to confine ourselves. If we keep ourselves free of other people within ourselves, we will always be free. Every action, every decision we make is a test and those tests are give to us to improve ourselves.

Additionally, today is the 25th. According to my app Dream Moods, 25 is symbolic of meaning “it is time to move on from a problem or issue. You need to stop dwelling on things.” This is the 11th month, for me personally, 11 is symbolic of being in line with the Father. If you turn 11 90 degrees, it is the equal sign, so if you’re in line with the Father, you’re equaling love. This is 2019, and 19 means overcoming personal struggles and conflicts. So we need to be in line with the Father in order to move on with a problem or issue and overcome our personal struggles and conflicts. These symbolisms also connect with the dream that I had this morning, which I will post tomorrow.

Elaborating a bit more regarding the part of getting stuck in the walls or not being able to go through at all. This has to do with if you don’t release past hurts or any hurts that come about in the present. If you don’t choose to let the pasts go and dwell on them, you won’t get anywhere and you’ll end up being stuck in your own prison. Same with issues of pride. If we grow prideful as we “walk” through the walls, we will again get stuck and not be able to continue through until we release that pride. If we pride ourselves in certain things, we are the same as those who look down on other people for trivial things. We are in this world to heal, love, and nurture God’s creation. Plus, having pride in our life regarding this also welcomes the danger of blurring what the Lord is trying to do versus what we want to see.

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