So this originally began as a lament and then turned into something else.

Watching a clip from ST:TNG and seeing the alien race communicate with each other in a “language” that’s too fast for humans reminds of me something.

Any and all of our human languages are so slow and just inadequate. When we receive dreams and visions, we are given so much information in such a small amount of time, many times we lose much of it. It is why I and others always say to take the vision and dreams down. But that is not the focus of this post.

The slow speed of our communication and the speed we receive information and ideas makes it no wonder why it is one of the reasons why God knew it would take the human race many thousands of years to be able to grow and increase to where we needed to be in order for us even begin to understand Him more deeply. Let alone grow as a race of people and get learn to get past our differences.

For those who have prophetic dreams and see the past, present, and future, it may take them years to be able to begin to understand how that language works according to their life and experiences. The amount of information that is passed and given to them in a matter of hours and they see the summary of what could be days or years is absolutely mindblowing.

Here, it takes us hours, if not, weeks in order to even discuss a topic. And could very well go in dozens of directions and we still not even finish or come to a final conclusion.

Here we are at the end of the year 2019 and we still have barely increased. Our technology has increased, but our knowledge of our creator and our pursuit in knowing Him has seemed to have stagnated. But this is not the truth. As Daniel, Jesus, and Enoch spoke, knowledge of Him is increasing. We as a whole people have gone through very dark times. From the insurgence of fallen beings, to the increase of religious dogmas, to killing our own Creator, and then the strict killing and oppression of God’s increase of knowledge. We have finally entered an epoch where God is increasing the knowledge He created to be available to those who seek out the deeper truths. Even if these “deeper truths” appear in opposition to the ruling systems.

It is still necessary to throw out the bones from the meat of the
information and knowledge available to us, but those bones can still be used to reaching the lost masses who believe the bones are meat. But keep in mind too, that I have the belief that some of the “bones” we throw out are meat that’s just too difficult for us to digest at this present moment. This is not true for all of the “bones”, which is why we must discern and/or ask the Father what we need to keep and what we need to throw out. Even if we return to what we threw out years ago, because we are now ready for them.

Ideas and concepts that were written 5,000+ years ago were things written by men who had lived for several centuries. Who are we expect to eat and fully digest something after being alive for merely a couple decades?

We may never know all the reasons why God gave us this concept of time and we’re having to live in it. Seeing seconds and minutes pass by us, while in the dreamstate we live outside of time. Perhaps one of the reasons God gave us so much “time” is because He knew that in our fallen state we could only take in and receive so much information. So many questions to be asked. Don’t you look forward to asking Him a variety of questions once your time on earth is complete?

Honestly, this reminds me of the song from Kim Walker-Smith:

Wide eyed and mystified
May we be just like a child
Staring at the beauty of our King

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