There are four types of Christians that God deals with. While not limited to Christians, these are the 4 types God has shown me recently.

From what I’ve been able to perceive, there are 4 different types of Christians that God deals with:

  1. Ruled by fear:

This type of person is ruled by fear. They are unable to take one step that the Father wants them to take on their journey because they are afraid. Afraid of either doing something wrong, that they are not hearing from God, or that something will happen negative to them. This person stays stagnant in their “walk” with Christ and never really increases or improves themselves.

  • These things must occur in order for this person to improve themselves:
    • They have to discover that they will mess up, but it’s part of being a human and not being perfect
    • Their mindset needs to change
    • They have to grow to understand that events we perceive as negative aren’t necessarily negative to God, but part of improvement.
    • They have to begin trusting in themselves that they are hearing from God.

2. Blind and takes advantage of the gifts and blessings:

This person is too blind to recognize what is right in front of them, but also takes advantage of the gifts and blessings bestowed. This person sees everything that God has given them, but still doesn’t enter into relationship and intimacy with the Father. They gladly take the gifts, graces, and blessings that He gives lovingly, but they don’t recognize the opportunity of intimacy that they have right in front of them. They are often blinded by many things and not just by false teachings. This person continues in life thinking they have everything, but will eventually realize that something is missing, but they will be unable to figure it out on their own.

  • These things must occur in order for this person to see:
    • The friends and family of this person must pray that this person’s blinders will be removed. Just like the Jews in the NT were blinded and that was prophesied that it would happen, the friends and family must pray that their blinders would be lifted.
    • Once the blinders have been removed, they will see everything that was laid out for them in the past and will see everything they have missed out on. This alone is very humbling, and will cause them to seek an extreme intimacy with the Father. But they cannot fall into a works-based mindset, but must come to the understanding that it is by faith they are saved and the grace in their life is additional free gift. They will learn to cherish everything and not give things to waste.

3. Too proud, arrogant, and possibly immature:

This person is too proud, arrogant in themselves in order to take what the Lord is wanting to give them. They think they know it all or too caught up in themselves, and since they are possibly immature, they take careless actions that can greatly cost them.

  • These are the things that must occur to humble them:
    • The most common thing to occur for people like this, is for them to go through the Dark Night of the Soul. This is where beliefs, people, and items are removed from them forcefully in order for them to be humbled. It is also a great way for them to mature and learn the consequences of their actions in life.

Before I continue with the 4th, I need to input that the first 3 can be mixed in different ways. (Examples) Someone can be both #1 and #3, or someone can be #2 and #3.

4. Open and attentive to what the Father is doing:

This person is open and attentive to what the Father is doing. They only want what’s within His will and actively does their best not to go against it.

  • This person actively pursues the Father’s interests, but is also careful and doesn’t just jump into something carelessly. If this person feels the Father pushing them in a certain direction, they pray and think on it and then take the step of faith in order to do it. This is the person that will grow the most of the 4 different types. This person also has a positive mindset and understands that “negative” events are simply part of the process, and are not necessarily a sign that they went the wrong way. They trust themselves in what they believe the Father has told them and showed them.
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