I can’t count how many times Gothic mystic has helped me, or gave me a different view on not only my dreams, but personal life situations. This is my testimony of his services. I recommend him one hundred percent. He is led by the Spirit of God.. No doubt about it. He is very spiritually and scriptural inclined. He’s legit. i recommend my brother.

– Kristie Johnson

On March 23, 2019 I had a vision of being in at a BBQ. At this BBQ I was inside the owners house upstairs with ppl I considered my friends and my future wife. We were breaking glass windows with a baseball because the owner wanted us to. Everyone was laughing and I felt at peace. Then the vision quickly shifted from a BBQ to a beach with a abandoned hotels. It looked like a storm was coming as well. I was with the same ppl and as we explored the hotels we thought it was weird that they had so many rooms and I suggested they should have 1 room that’s connects them all. The mood was peaceful after that and the person I thought was my wife smiled at me. (end of dream). The next day I asked my friend the Gothic Mystic to interrupt this. This is what conclusion he came to… The BBQ and breaking windows represented enjoying togetherness with friends and breaking the window was changing view points in the future. The beach and the hotel represented peace and the hotel rooms I didnt understand y ppl spend so much time separate instead of together. My wife and the Storm meant the that I would know her when the time comes and that a storm was coming for me and she would be there for meduring it. The following week the BBQ vision part of the vision came to pass when I went to Kentucky and met some like minded friends which I wasnt expecting.

Giovanni Panettiere

New York

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