How does strategy work and what does it have to do with seeing the big picture?

God sees in all ways, but one major way we fail to understand and recognize is the big picture and His strategic methods.

For those who follow to several different ministries and/or prophetic people, you will see different “words” from God. Some may seem like they’re not connected at all, while you’ll perceive clearly how others are connected with current events or future events.

One way to perceive things is by looking at things from a battlefield perspective. Take a high ranking match of StarCraft 2 for example. SC2 is a RTS (Realtime Strategy) game. In this perspective, the “player” is God and all the units and buildings are His people. God moves His units to different locations and may have them setup bases (this may or may not be a church; this could simply be a fellowship). Some He has them go to scout areas, others He has them go to battle with the enemy’s units. What He tells one unit to do, He may tell another unit to do something completely different. Some have specialties; others are more generalized.

Now apply this perspective to real life. God is moving all His people around and having them all do specific things that He needs done. What He has you do, may be completely different from your best friend. This may be because of knowledge you have is different from the understanding your best friend has. You must trust that each other is obeying and following the orders of our Father, because we can no longer afford friendly fire.

What does friendly fire look like? Attacking someone that’s on your side, but they have a different way of doing things or may have a whole different assignment than you do. Your friend may pray differently than you or may have different beliefs than you, but you both serve the same God (Jesus). The person you just met may heal a whole different way than how you were taught, but they’re following the instructions they received from God. It’s like a marine meeting a fighter pilot. Before attacking that person, get to know the person and live life with them in order to see their fruits. Because there is coming a time when friendly fire will cost us much more than an argument or disagreement; it may cost both people their lives.

God sees EVERYTHING from where He’s at and knows what to allow and control. He sends His messengers (angels or regular people) to deliver messages and instructions. We must learn to go with the flow of things and not get mad because the plans we had didn’t go EXACTLY how we planned them. Man creates his plans, but God determines his footsteps. Too many people only have the small picture perspective and are not able to see the bigger picture of things. The single marine on the battlefield can only see what’s in front of him, but the Captain in the tent with the map of the battlefield getting intelligence of the enemy’s movements sees a wider scope of things. He then gives the marine orders according to the intelligence he just got in.

Having a bigger picture of things will help us tremendously in the coming days and will enable us to be more open to possibilities and why certain things happen. We cannot be closed-minded.

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