Speaking in Tongues and Making It Practical

How often have we seen people talking bad about tongues or even calling it demonic, but clearly it is encouraged of in the Word.

I have seen many videos of people speaking against praying in tongues or how others are speaking in demonic tongues, BUT they never give actual examples of actual tongues. There are specific denomination who throw out scripture in the Bible simply because it speaks of speaking in tongues and then they deny the usage in our day. When given examples, they call it demonic. Jesus Himself warned the pharisees of calling what is Godly evil and this is exactly what we have going on in today’s church.

Here I speak about the topic in general and give examples. We’ve gotta get past ourselves and get past man-made theology. The Word speaks of speaking in tongues and so let’s speak in tongues! Step out in faith and allow Holy Spirit to speak through you. By speaking against tongues, we’re speaking against the Word.

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