Disciple to Sonship Mentorship


A monthly mentorship that will guide mentee from where their current walk with Christ is, guiding them to learn their identity in Christ, through forms of deliverance to improve their life in all forms, and then guiding them into Sonship with the Father and what that looks like. All mentees are expected to already have a personal relationship with Jesus whether they are new to the faith or they have been in the faith for 20 years and are breaking free of religion.

This mentorship is nothing different than a traditional church employing a pastor to disciple it’s congregation. Only difference is, is that it is online and focused on those who are not in the traditional church environment.



Have you felt like your spiritual walk has become stagnant, but you’ve been unable to find out where the hang up is? This mentorship is for you then. This is no different than a traditional church employing someone to help disciple the church’s members, but focused on those who have left the traditional church setting. All videos referred to in mentorship are free online. I have been discipling people for many years, along with serving as an adult leader for a youth group, and have seen improvements in their walk with Christ, their personal lives, and professional lives. This includes breakthroughs and deliverance from past emotional, financial, professional, and spiritual blockages. This mentorship is heavy on homework and private study time outside of online meetings with me and is expected to have regular 1-on-1 time with the Father outside of online meetings. The mentee can expect a minimum of one 1-hr online meeting a week.

This is a monthly mentorship and is made so that the mentee can stop whenever needed and then resume later.

The first portion is meant to begin shaping or continue to shape the mentee’s identity in Christ. The mentee is given a YouTube playlist that helped me tremendously on my walk, but will take a while to get through. During online meetings, we discuss where the mentee is with the videos and what they are currently doing in their spiritual life. If there is anything that needs to be broken down or removed, we work with Holy Spirit to guide us in removing or healing what needs to be dealt with.

The second portion is dedicated to identifying where their destiny/birthright was stopped or prevented, along with possibly curses on their life and family line. We then work with Holy Spirit to break down those barriers/blockages. This isn’t created to be an overnight thing and the mentee should expect to go through difficult emotional healing as we combat to breakdown blockages in their life preventing them from moving forward. During this portion, the mentee is given a series of videos to go through and we discuss them as the mentee goes through them.

Lastly, the third portion is the introduction to Sonship/Daughtership with the Father. The mentee is introduced to a certain YouTube channel and the mentee watches them on his or her own time. During this portion, the mentee should have a better understanding and have a “free” feeling to them. Having a understanding free of religion and living in Sonship and have a better understanding of the Word.


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