Legalism: The Manifestations of the Religious Spirit



The adversary has the church in such a tight headlock, that he has us fighting amongst ourselves about “doctrine” and the most simplest of biblical scripture. He has us split into thousands of different “denominations” and freak out at the simplest inkling of resistance that people perceive in our lives and people instantly blame him. Anything that doesn’t agree with our current “doctrine”, people instantly throw it away without thinking on it and testing to see if it agrees with scripture. We’ve lost the focus and ideal of focusing on God, allowing Holy Spirit to teach us things that people don’t know yet. This book focuses on revealing many of the manifestations of the religious spirit that has made it’s way into not just the church, but also the world. From the widely recognized “Holier Than Thou” mentality to the aspect of how the church shows false love to itself and the world without even knowing it. The author does his best to reveal all of these manifestations and details what is needed in order to get past and overcome this spirit.


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