Dream Mentorship


Learn how to interpret your own dreams and learn your dream language.


Learn how to interpret your own dreams and learn your dream language. In this program, I teach you the concepts of how to interpret your dreams by being sensitive to Holy Spirit and God’s guidance. Some dreams are easy, others are more difficult, while other you may not get the interpretation for years to come. Not all dream interpretations come immediately, as we can see with Daniel, some take a while to understand. We can even see like Ezekiel and Revelation that others will remain a mystery for many years. The focus and goal for this program is to teach you the ideas and concepts to interpret your own dreams by reviewing the dream, then “picking apart” all the events/symbolisms, and then putting the dream “back together” to get the basic idea that was being portrayed. Keep in mind, there will ALWAYS be a deeper meaning to the dream. You should never expect to get all the understandings at once or in one sitting, God has a tendency to “hide” the deeper meanings until we are ready for it.

During this process, you will gain the understanding of the process to apply it and develop your own “method”. So that you can take it back to your private time with God and continue to work with Him on your dreams and visions.


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