God is working behind the scenes, even if you don’t see it. Recognizing where we fail to be comforted will help us with each new change or transition in life.

The first portion of this is not for everyone, so use discernment and ask the Father if this is you. The second portion I believe is for everyone.

(First portion)
On January 29th I had a dream I was back in a house i grew up in. Going between my bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room; basically living life. My mom was home, but dad was working. I felt weird and a little scared. I then noticed. My bed was missing from my bedroom and I called my dad. Told him about my bed and that someone had broken into my room and stolen my bed. After, I went to the garage and found all my belongings from my room there, but was not organized; just all over the place. I then got off the phone with my dad.

After Asking God, I felt this dream is showing me how I feel my life has occurred right now. This is an old feeling that I’ve dealt with throughout my life (this due to it taking place in the house I grew up in). It’s showing that it’s a past issue that I haven’t grown and learned from yet. I feel like my comfort has been removed and my private life has moved into stagnation and not moving (bedroom is symbolic of your private life). Since everything from my bedroom was in the garage and not organized, I believe this shows that everything in our private life feels like it’s not moving.

Whether it is our studying, spending time with God, our jobs; anything and everything. My dad is working and my mom is home. My dad (God the Father) is currently working on getting the next step of my life in order and ready for me, while my mom (Holy Spirit) is home with me. I’m fearful because I don’t know what’s going on. We need to spend more time with Holy Spirit during this time. We fail to be at peace because we’re not spending enough time with Holy Spirit and so we perceive what is incorrect.

What must we remember?

I believe many of us are dealing with this same feeling. We feel stagnant nothing is moving and we’re scared. This has been a long issue since we were growing up, even before we knew and recognized it. We must remember that God is working behind the scenes for our good and our movement is almost here. Things are moving without us even knowing it. I urge everyone to continue to push forward in whatever area you’ve started, even if it feels like you’re not going anywhere.

(Second portion)
This part is a small part of a deep study I’m working on, but I have seen this occur for several years in my personal life. The time frame between February and April is a universal time for major shifts and changes. For some, the change may simply be the beginning of a transition (for example, a pregnancy). While for others, a major shift will happen. The first portion of this post is showing those of us being fearful and/or uneasy feeling like we’re stagnant in our life when we know we should be moving and continuing forward. Much like the dream I shared last year, we are simply waiting for God to finish what He’s working on in the background before we can move forward in our life.

If you are anything like me, I hate feeling like I’m stagnant and not moving and this is something I have to work on since I became aware of this a while back. As this season of change begins, be prepared for the changes that are coming and embrace the change. We must remember, that God is working behind the scenes for us. Fighting it will cause things to be more difficult and as the changes begin, ask the Father for direction as to how you need to proceed. I wish everyone the best in this season of change.

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