In the dream of November 25th, 2019, I was arriving at school for class. It was a reading class and the class and teacher were about to begin reading.

Once the teacher began reading and we were following along in the book, one of the students was being inappropriately distracting. The student that was being distracting was messing with a female student pulling her desk closer to him. Then two other female students would then move her desk back to where it was.

During all of this going on, it was like the teacher didn’t hear what was going on and was just reading the story. I was trying to listen and follow along with the teacher, but it was very challenging and wasn’t being able to because I was getting angry at the male student for being distracting and messing with the female student. I remember at one point I said something to the male student and I believe I told him off. After that was done though, it was again like the teacher was still unaware of what was going on. She then chose me to read and i was having a difficult time finding the place we left off. The scene changed and the class was over and I had to go to my next class.

Just as I spoke in the previous dream post, 11-25-19 in numerology means being on level with God’s love in order to move on from a problem or issue, needing to stop dwelling on things, and overcoming personal issues or struggles. Since I strongly believe that the symbolic message of the date you have a dream on is the resolution or part of the resolution to the issue in the dream. With this being said, since I was being overly distracted with the male in this dream, I was unable to keep up with the class activity in progress. The teacher (Holy Spirit) was ignoring the distraction, because She is giving me/us the opportunity to ignore the distraction and follow along with her. This means that whatever lesson we are going through, there will be distractions in this next season/lesson. If we can learn to ignore the distractions of life, while other people around us are caught up with everyday life, we will keep up with God and not lose our place in the lesson. This goes along with 11, being on level with God’s love and staying in the spirit. We must move on with a problem or issue and not dwell on the things (issues) around us, which means overcoming those issues or struggles. For when God calls on us to lead, we are not completely caught off-guard and struggle to catch up. Since reading is symbolic of needing to obtain more information and knowledge before making a decision and acting on it. If we do not pay attention and lose focus, then – when called upon – we struggle, if not fail, to find out the needed information and make a decision or act accordingly. This could result in bad repercussions.

So I highly recommend everyone to be on the lookout for the distractions in this next season and stay focused on the task/lesson at-hand and not be taken away by distractions that will be doing it’s best to pull your attention from where it needs to be.

This can easily be tied to the destructive storm dream I made a video and posted. All the houses, cars, and debris coming at us can be people and their lives coming to distract us from God as we try to stay grounded in Him during the storm. If we get distracted by those people and their events, we can easily be taken away by the storm due to not making the wisest and most thought out decisions.

I hope everyone pays close attention to Holy Spirit during this time and doesn’t allow the distractions of life pull us from our focus on God.

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