A week or so ago I began seeing that the current COVID issue was the storm that God had been warning me of for months. I uploaded dreams and put out a blog giving warning of it coming. With the storm now upon us, I am wanting to give some direction on how to go about during this time. Keep in mind, with everything that occurred in this dream, I do not see this being a quick ending thing. I do see this playing out for months and not just weeks.

In the first dream given on the blog post on November 27th, I spoke about dodging objects and debris while staying grounded in Christ and trusting God. After watching things go on and God revealing further information of the dream, this is what I believe God is saying during this dangerous storm in order to give up direction for the current storm:

“During this trying and difficult season of seeing people lose their jobs, while others have been blessed to keep their jobs, do not be stingy and selfish with your resources and money. In the dream and having someone in the car, this is showing one or more people being assigned to the people with resources and money. This is the time to come together, built trust, and closer intimacy with each other, but do not overextend yourself.

For those who have lost their jobs and are struggling, they have been given someone to help support them.

For those who still have jobs and resources, do not overextend yourselves. Keep with those who I bring or have brought to you and no more. Everyone is accounted for, but everyone must act on and trust in Me to whom they support or have been brought to in order to be supported.

For those who do overextend, you will make things more difficult for both you and those who I have brought to you to support. By overextending, you risk falling into the hole yourself and losing everything. Keep only with those who I have brought/am bringing to you!

For those who are stingy, selfish, and/or not trusting in Me, you will be allowing those who I have brought to you to be stressed even more and causing them to even question their faith in Me. You’re doing more harm than good! Repent and turn your heart to Me and watch Me do wonders in your life and others’ lives around you through you!

This is truly a trying time for everyone, but I have enabled and allowed this to happen in order to begin the process of rebuilding community, love, and fellowship in my church. As you have seen, many churches have closed their doors, but people have already begun gathering in their homes. This is only the beginning of things. Until this time period is over, hang onto each other and watch My church begin to flourish.”

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