Did you dream of camping?

What could it mean?

In my YouTube short, I briefly went over some possible meanings of you dreaming of camping, but let’s go a bit deeper.

Meanings and Contexts

Like all symbolisms in dreams and visions, camping could hold a variety of meanings. All depending on the contexts and events of what goes on in the dream. The easiest context of seeing yourself camping could simply show a desire of yours to relax and get to a well-deserved break.

Though, if other things are going on within the context of camping could reveal more. Many times we have a “knowing” in the background of the dream that we’re camping, but you’re seeing other actions going on.

History and Subconscious

What your upbringing and childhood contained could totally change your perception of camping. If you grew up camping and you absolutely hated it, this could be pointing you towards something you despise, mixed with the other events going on in the dream.

On the other hand though, if you enjoy it, but don’t get to do it that often, it could show your desire to go camping again. Especially if you used to camp with a group of people. It could be that you’re remembering the days of old and showing a subconscious desire to go camping again, even if it isn’t with your old group.

Social Circle

Dreaming of camping or having the context of camping in the “background” of the dream, could also indicate a social circle. Some people only enjoy camping alone, with their family, or with a small circle. While others like to have a friend circle that they go camping with, and then do other activities during their camping adventure. The social circle aspect of camping is definitely something to keep under consideration when examining your dream.


Camping could also indicate a desire to temporarily return to a simpler way of life and enjoy nature. Since the majority of people who do camp, do it to temporarily get away from the hustle and bustle of modern-life, this could simply show your desire to get away from modern-life. It may not even mean you desire to get into nature, but a desire for a simpler way of life.

Puzzle Pieces

I must re-emphasize though, that camping in the dream could be what is being portrayed in the background and you need to pay attention to what is going on in the forefront of the dream/vision. Remember to take the idea/concept of all that has been pointed out there in this blog and apply it to the “background” of all the other ideas/symbolisms that are going on in the foreground. So many times our dreams are just “encrypted puzzles” that need to be “re-arranged” to discover the message that is being given to us.

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