Have you ever wondered if Jesus can appear in your dreams? I tell you an emphatic yes! There are many different ways He can

Have you ever wondered if Jesus can appear in your dreams? I tell you yes. He may appear as the actor who has played Jesus in movies or TV or he may appear as your real life best friend. This is because that it is widely known and said in Christendom that Jesus is supposed to be your best friend. He could even appear as a doctor. For instance, if you have a dream of being at a doctor’s office and you’re speaking to a doctor. That doctor could be symbolic of Jesus. Since He’s also known as “The Great Physician”. Anywho, allow me to show you other ways He can appear.

Since we know that Jesus is the doorway to the Father, Jesus can appear literally as a door. If you see a doorway in a dream and you’re afraid to walk through it. This could show that you’re afraid to go into the next season of life and Jesus is that doorway, but you’re afraid of what’s to come.

Other manifestations in dreams and visions can be a lion, a sheep, or even a cornerstone. When you have a dream and you’ve taken it down, it’s best to look at the events in the dream. Not all of them will appear exactly like Biblical events, so don’t automatically throw it out because it doesn’t match up word for word; letter by letter. That’s taking the letter of the law, rather than the spirit of it.

What are other hidden ways He can show?

When looking and dissecting your dream, it’s wise to look up names of the people that appear. I’ve had dreams involving this guy I knew in elementary and middle school. After looking it up, I found his first name meant power. So I instantly knew that that guy was Jesus. I was effectively sitting in the “power’s” lap.

There are countless times when imagery and people make absolutely no sense from the surface level. This is also why countless people don’t understand the Bible. They look at it from the surface level and take everything it says too literally. Which is why we have people hating God and Christians who have no transformation; their spiritual eyes and ears are closed. A very small percentage of dreams are literal, while a great majority are purely symbolic or diverse (mixture of literal and symbolic).

This is again why we need to really dive into dreams and not throw them away. How many messages from God are we throwing away simply because we don’t understand it? God has gifted people with the knowledge, understanding, and discernment to help His people understand His messages they receive in their dreams and visions. Why not use this resource?

I offer a dream interpretation mentorship service for those who actively want to learn about their dream language and how God speaks to them. Everyone has their own language and it’s specific to them, since everyone’s life and experience on earth is different. If you’re interested in learning this, click here to find out more. I also offer an interpretation service for those who just want one dream interpreted. Click here to request a free 15min consultation to see if I can help you. If I am able to, we will then pick apart your dream and the Father will guide us in what He was wanting to tell you or show you.

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