Being Parallel with God

What does “being parallel with God” mean? As I’ve said many times, the number 11 is symbolic of the equal sign. If you turn 11 on its side, it is the equal sign. This meaning, we are on the “same page” with Him and are on the right path. The Lord recently showed me an interesting example of being parallel with Him. This is found in Hebrews 11.

Throughout this chapter, we are given example after example after example of those who walked in faith with God and it was counted to them as righteousness. What I find really interesting is that we are given these reminders of all the forefathers in the Old Testament before Christ that kept faith in the Father in the same chapter number that literally means “being parallel with God” or “being in line with Him”.

I am reminded that there are so many things out there in the world to constantly and continually show us that He’s there and with us, but we have to have the eyes to see and recognize it. If we are pure of heart, we will never fail to see Him in our lives (Matthew 5:8). He can and will appear to us in the most off-the-wall methods and thus reminding us to never box Him in, because He lives outside of our boxes.

Staying parallel with our Father can and will never lead us wrongly and regardless of what happens, we must trust in Him. Staying parallel with Him does not mean that we will not go through tests and trials, because how else will our faith, endurance, and trust in Him and Him in us be grown and proved? Every single example given in Hebrews 11 is shown that those people trusted in Him regardless of what they went through. There is not one of them that did not go through a trial and we must remember what Paul said in 1 Peter 1:6 that we should rejoice in tests and trials that we face because we have been effectively been considered worthy enough to go through them.

This life is not to be considered pancakes and rainbows, but to grow us and refine us. And this cannot happen if life is not without difficult times. I encourage everyone to always be willing to see things from different perspectives and try to always see things in a positive light, even if it seems like you’re going through hell. Being “parallel with God” can also mean to soak in His presence in the midst of a storm, because this shows your desire for Him, rather than being so fixated on the rain. Always look for the sun.

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