The Gothic Mystic

The Gothic Mystic is a Christian Mystic that was born and raised in the church and spent 25yrs going through the motions of Churchianity knowing only religion and church. After going through a divorce in 2013, God took him over His knee, broke him, and began reconstructing him telling The Gothic Mystic that he had become something He never intended him to be. The Gothic Mystic had always liked and enjoyed the dark-side of things, but still tried to compromise and be acceptable to family and peers. A few months later, in March 2014, Gothic Mystic was broken of religion by watching and listening to a well known musician’s testimony. This started an awakening that lasted about 3 years. During this time, his dreams significantly increased and began writing them down after instruction of a trusted friend in his church. It was also during this time period, that he found out that he was a Seer and began learning about his spiritual giftings and all the things that comes with it, which include dream and vision interpretation and discernment of spirits. In 2016, The Gothic Mystic created the YouTube channel “The Gothic Disciple” (later changed to “The Gothic Mystic”) with a focus of bringing people into relationship with God the Father through Jesus, along with breaking religion off the church. With this channel, he brings teachings, deep thought-provoking videos, dreams and their interpretations, and to show how Christianity is really supposed to look like. God has brought him many mystical experiences that has helped him bring peace and comfort, and even words of warning to others through the messages in those experiences. The Gothic Mystic has studied Eschatology, Demonology and Deliverance, the Occult, the Supernatural, Dream Interpretation, the Paranormal, and Christian Denominations for many years now. He lives also to combat the forces of evil, to pull in those who are lost and practice the dark arts into relationship with Jesus, along with breaking the religious spirit off the church.

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