Today marks another day and year we get to remember and celebrate what our Saviour did for us. But we must also not forget that the traditions setup and practiced are intermingled with pagan beliefs. To the pure, all things are pure, so it is not “evil” or against God, to take part in traditions, but we cannot forget why we partake in memories and traditions.

I must also note that with everything going on, this is the beginning of God growing His church up. He is breaking the traditions and religious mindsets and practices that have kept His church apart from Him. The church will not like this and I strongly believe we will begin to see the church as a whole “act out” in different ways that appear childish. But as any good father does to his young children, he chastises and punishes them because he needs them to learn, understand, and mature. This is only the beginning and through this chastisement, we will begin to see a church possesses power and authority that we haven’t seen in a long time.

I saw in a vision many years ago a toddler/very young child throwing a temper tantrum. When I asked God what this was, He said this is the church throwing a temper tantrum because He will be forcing them to grow up. What we are seeing now is only the beginning of what’s to come. The religious/traditional churches are doing their best to keep in the “status quo” of things of going to “church”, but I believe God will be breaking that off of them in the coming days and we will be seeing the return of what the church of Acts 2 looked like: fellowships and community in house and small home groups. Let’s watch and see how things play out. Again, this is only the beginning; we must remember and keep in mind the bigger picture.

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