Reason for everything in life

There is a reason for everything in our life. Whether or not we understand it immediately, it may take us years to understand why we went through something traumatic or a difficult time in life.  

All these events that occur whether good or bad are meant to teach us lessons. You went through a bad breakup? Now you will begin to know what you need in life and (hopefully) learn where you screwed up too. Went through financial difficulties? Maybe the Lord is trying to change the way you think regarding finances. This so that you’re able to better handle them for what He’s bringing to you down the road.  

One thing I’ve recently come to is that all relationships whether romantic, friendship, or family have a purpose to them. Some may last for a short season, while others are for a lifetime. Even more so, the ones that are for a short season may need to get or receive something from you. When that lesson is learned or that time of support has passed, or you gave them what they needed (even if neither of you knew what was going on), that relationship may fade.  

I have come to the mindset recently that every relationship that comes to me has a purpose for being in my life. At times I see it happen in dreams before they come along. So I can be prepared for when they do come, and at times, there is something I need to change in order for things to work out better.  

I urge everyone to be in the mindset of always learning, always improving, and always seeing the potential of everything. Those in your life have a reason for being there. I’m definitely not perfect, but this life is meant to teach us and to help us improve. There is a reason for everything, whether good or bad.

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