There is a storm coming and it has a reputation of destroying homes and lives. This requires alot of discernment and wisdom in order to make the right direction.

In the dream from a few weeks ago I saw myself with someone I knew. We were traveling in my car and we were trying to get to somewhere safe due to a powerful storm coming. We were unable to get to safety and ended up dealing with it. We were having to dodge debris, cars (people’s lives), and even houses (people’s world and inner being). I considered getting behind a building (outside protection) for protection, but decided not to. We were doing our best to stay grounded.

Dream on the 14th consisted of being in a city with family. I was made aware while looking at the radar with them that a powerful storm was coming. The storm had a very bad reputation of destruction; I was not concerned. As it came near, I looked up at the worst part of the storm in the sky and literally removed it with my thumb.

We have two options with this storm:

1. Suffer through it with friends/family, while staying grounded in God’s word. It is suggested that those who take this route, to not hide behind anything (being dependent on something else for protection), so you can see what’s coming and avoid being hit. Stay grounded on what God has spoken and promised to you. If you stand on His word, you will not be hurt, but there will be close calls though. If you hide behind something other than Him, there is a chance you’ll be taken away with the destruction. I strongly recommend that as the storm is raging, you continually seek the Father, because the debris, etc, that comes your way – if you are not paying attention – could hit you and result in you losing control and being taken with the storm.

2. Those who have the knowledge and understanding of the power of our words can remove the worse part of the storm. We can speak to the storm that we are being shown and as it gets close to us, literally remove the extreme danger. So those who have the discernment and knowing/understanding of how to use your words, they can remove the most dangerous part of the storm. Or they can choose to stick out the storm with friends/family (option 1).

Look down both timelines (possibilities) and see what you believe would be better and consult with the Father. For some removing the dangerous part of it would be better, while for others, riding it out would be better. I wish everyone the best during this time of trial.

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