I do not normally respond to events such as these, but I believe the Lord has shown me certain things that we need to do. This is a call to arms to the church to rise up and use the National Day of Prayer to actively combat this virus.

I am not a superstitious person and to me the number 13 is actually a good number. It means life and death and can at times resemble a change or transition; one thing is ending so another can begin. A friend and patron of mine Chris Horton shared with me a vision he had and I believe he was seeing what these current events could actually look like. He saw 3 people praying in a circle and the energy they were releasing was pulling people in. He then saw a Native American carrying a fire torch, and then saw angels being sent to increase the effectiveness of the people praying. Tomorrow, March 15th, is the National Day of Prayer, which I saw because of a posting I saw. Since yesterday the 13th, I have felt that tomorrow the 15th is a “breaking point”. The number 15 is symbolic meaning that our issues are about to dissolve. I also don’t believe in coincidence.

I believe God has shown me that the church needs to rise up tomorrow during the National Day of Prayer to combat this virus. Tomorrow is a breaking point and it’s on us, the church, to rise up and get rid of this virus or else it can get bad. The vision that my friend gave me is what can happen if we rise up and combat this. God will send his angels to increase our effectiveness and get rid of the virus. The Native American is symbolic of a very old method that will burn away what doesn’t need to be there. I again call upon the church to rise up and join in prayer tomorrow so we can get rid of this virus. I also uploaded a video on this.

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